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myColour Pack Hamptons

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  • myColour Pack Hamptons Style
  • Little Black Book of Renovating Steps 1-3

Hamptons Style is fresh, coastal and harmonious.

Hamptons style uses a mix of relaxed and glamorous finishes, which work beautifully side by side. If you love weatherboards, whites and greys and adore accents of black, blue and timber, this is your style!


  • Your INTERIOR colour palette - FOUR (4) beautiful, contemporary and coordinated Dulux colours by name
  • Type of paint you should use - satin, gloss, matte
  • WHICH colour to paint your ceilings, trims and walls
  • And a FEATURE colour to use for extra pizzazz!
  • A schedule for your painter (simply hand it over)
  • 100% No Risk Guarantee Certificate
  • Little Black Book of Renovating - Steps 1-3 to get you off to a flying start with your project!

Utilising the Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast as its inspiration, this pack will deliver to you an easy solution of colours to transform your home from dull to Hamptons glory in one easy click.

There's even a page you can hand over to your painter and/or builder. Plus a No Risk Guarantee Certificate so you can rest assured if you're not completely satisfied (that's OK, just ask for a refund and we'll give it to you). We don't want you to be stressed or anxious about your purchase, life's too short for that!

As a bonus, you also get my Little Black Book of Renovating which takes you through the first 3 steps of renovating your home. Filled with tips and tricks, this is the perfect companion to get your renovation off to a flying start!

So don't wait any longer, simply CLICK PURCHASE to save yourself a lot of headaches and time, and create a beautiful interior palette for yourself that will leave others gasping at how ingenious you are!

Happy Renovating,

Yelda xo